Welcome to Nordic Pellets Conference 2021!

Nordic Pellets Conference 2021 will be a virtual online-only event that will take place on 27 January 2021.


Special focus on policy and market updates for wood pellets

The condensed format will consist of two sessions in which high-level presenters will discuss issues on Policy insights and Market perspectives. Each session closes with an interactive panel discussion along with Q&A from online participants.

Free of charge for all subscribers of Bioenergy International

Nordic Pellets Conference 2021 will be free-of-charge to join and participate in for all paid subscribers of our magazine Bioenergy International. This represents a modest cost for participation that will provide value throughout the coming year, keeping everyone updated on bioenergy business development until it becomes possible to physically meet again at Nordic Pellets Conference 2022.

In this way, we are happy to bring a taste of the Nordic Pellets Conference to you via your smartphone or computer no matter where you are located.

Programme and registration

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