Svebio Fuel Market Day

Woodchip and pellet prices follow other energy price rallies up and have reached unprecedented levels in Northern Europe. Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine is resulting in the highest energy prices ever seen.

The demand for biomass fuels has risen sharply as industries and utilities across Europe scramble to replace coal, oil, and natural gas in almost any application it’s possible. And, as we head into the 2022/2023 heating season, how can we source, secure, and produce more biomass fuels?

Against this dramatic backdrop, we welcome you to join the fifth edition of the annual Svebio Fuel Market Day – a perfect opportunity to get an initiated insight into the current biomass market situation in Northern Europe.

To be held on September 8, 2022, at the Royal Academy of Sciences (IVA) conference venue in Stockholm, Sweden, prominent bioenergy experts, actors, and biomass traders will focus on forest fuels and waste wood, as well as pellets and bio-oils sourcing and production, to handle the coming power and heating season.

The conference day will be rounded off by a dinner cruise with Strömma Kanalbolag, an ideal networking opportunity on Stockholm waters.

 Join us on-site or online, 8 September 2022

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Previous edition of Svebio Fuel Market Day 2021
Documentation and recording from the on-site and online.

EU Fit for 55 and how to implement Sustainability criteria

Forest markets and the wood fuel situation

International trade, Pellets, Bio-Oils and the long term impact of the climate package

Link to the recorded conference 2021

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