#Switch4Air Podcast Series: Effective carbon pricing – the German and Swedish experience

Bioenergy Europe and the European Pellet Council are delighted to announce the release of the second instalment of the #Switch4Air podcast series, focusing on carbon pricing.


Bioenergy Europe and the European Pellet Council are delighted to announce the release of the second instalment of the #Switch4Air podcast series, focusing on carbon pricing.

In order for the European Union to meet its ambitious pledge of carbon neutrality by 2050, substantial changes must be made to the way that Member States consume and use energy. Carbon pricing is set to become an important policy tool that will support the role of decarbonisation, particularly in non-EU ETS sectors such as Heating & Cooling.

The heating sector accounts for over half of all energy consumed in the EU. With up to 80% of the sector continuing to rely on fossil fuels, there is an urgent need to foster a real switch toward renewables solutions.

Co-hosted by Bioenergy Europe’s Policy Officer Michal DlugoszFlorens H. Dittrich (Expert on Sustainability, Climate Change and Renewable Energy, Former policy officer for climate protection and sustainability at German Bioenergy Association BBE)  and Gustav Melin (CEO of the Swedish Bioenergy Association Svebio), the second installment of the #Switch4Air podcast will discuss the importance of carbon pricing as a tool for carbon neutrality. Drawing on the German and Swedish experiences, we will outline the value of this tool at a national level and consider how best to develop and implement it.

Listen here

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