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Svebio welcomes participants, online and on-site, to its 9th edition of Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tomas Ekbom, Advanced Biofuels Conference 2022

The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO) and Bioenergy International magazine welcomes participants, online and on-site, to its 9th edition of Advanced Biofuels Conference 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This conference will focus on biofuels for the maritime and aviation sector, with much development.

The aviation and shipping sectors are being transformed at an increasingly rapid pace, on both the demand and supply side. Oil and gas majors are retrofitting existing refinery assets to produce renewable fuels while others are developing new capacities from a myriad of feedstock sources. Pushed by policymakers and consumers alike, airline- and shipping majors are committing to significant renewable fuel offtakes in the race to zero while competing to stay in the black.

The transport sectors face big changes in the near future. Apart from today’s economic situation there are national energy challenges like security of supply, energy security and security of cost. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is the transition to a low carbon economy using biofuels, while fossil fuel prices fluctuate heavily.

How will the “Inflation Reduction Act” in the USA and the European Union “Fit for 55 package” in progress reduce CO2 emissions? How can the industry create business opportunities for this emerging market, taking advantage of technological innovations? What new technology developments have been made? This will be presented and discussed.

Isabelle Ausdal, U.S Grains Council at the Advanced Biofuels Conference 2022

Programme Highlights

This conference gathers leading actors and stakeholders in the global biofuels industry. This is where you gain insights and meet market players and people active to develop new projects. The conference will show latest developments in European and international policy, energy system transition to renewable fuels, new technologies and partnerships – with leading companies presented.

  • Two conference days, four sessions and a seminar with some 24 plus high-level speakers covering all modes of transport for drop-in and high-concentrated biofuels.
  • Delegates includes policymakers, politicians, business executives, developers, researchers & engineers and stakeholders. Excellent business opportunities making contacts for Nordic countries!
  • Join our Study Visit on 20 September! There are two study visits to choose from:
    • The Volvo Group plant with the blue train tour with assembly of heavy-duty engines and trucks in their manufacturing plant. The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction machinery and marine and industrial engines. Volvo takes part in development of the TransZero Initiative for green shipping, or
    • The Preemraff Gothenburg HVO oil refinery with one million tonne expansion next year. Amongst others the PyroCell plant biocrude from pyrolysis of sawdust is upgraded and processed into HVO fuels including biogasoline and potential for SAF and biomarine fuels.
  • IEA Bioenergy Seminar: Successes and Lessons Learned for Biofuels Deployment with international experts presenting five new reports on 21 September included in the conference.
  • Roll-up table top mini-expo with biofuel distributors, technology providers and developers for business networking rounded off by an exclusive conference dinner evening.

Programme and Registration

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