Meet Vattenfall Heat and Baltpool at Nordic Pellets Conference!

We welcome participants across the globe to the beautiful city of Uppsala to attend our Nordic Pellets Conference 4–5 February 2020.

Join us for an up-date on market development i the Nordic region. Come and meet pellet producers, pellet buyers and large users, producers of equipment, consultants and researchers.The Nordic Pellets Conference is the best place for new business contacts in the Nordic region. All major players will be there!

Andrius Smaliukas och Ulrika Jardfeldt.

Andrius Smaliukas and Ulrika Jardfeldt are speaking during Nordic Pellets Conference.

Meet Vattenfall Heat and Baltpool at Nordic Pellets Conference:

  • Andrius Smaliukas, Baltpool
    Andrius will talk about Benefits for participants of standardized trading, Experience in Baltic States, Developments in Denmark and Finland and Review of latest market trends in Baltics.
  • Ulrika Jardfelt, Vattenfall Heat
    Ulrika will talk about Vattefalls transition to become a fossil free company and the pellet boiler investment in Uppsala. She will also reflect on experiences from the pellet investment and how it influence further activities to become fossil free.

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