Come and listen to Johanna Lindén and John Swaan at Nordic Pellets Conference 2023!

We are happy to announce that the Nordic Pellets Conference 2023 will be held on 1-2 February in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Johanna Lindén is the CEO of PetroBio.

Johanna Lindén is the CEO of PetroBio, a company that is developing combustion processes including burners solution for gaseous, liquid and powder fuels. In many cases pellets are milled to powder and used in burners to replace fossil fuels.

Johanna Lindén will talk about getting fossil free from different motives with focus on two companies with different perspective and in different countries.

– Reasons to get fossil free are many. In this presentation you will hear about two European Energy companies that decided to convert their fossil fuel plants into wood powder firing, with different purpose with their investments. It’s a story about both war impact, city centre challenges and political ambitions, says Johanna Lindén.

John Swaan from FutureMetrics.

John Swaan’s experience in pellets business started 35 years ago with pioneering the establishment of one of Canada’s first stand-alone commercial wood pellet plants, Pacific BioEnergy Corporation.

For the past 10 years John has been working with “FutureMetrics” a company that provides consultancy services to global clients in the wood pellet sector.

John will talk about the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Wood Pellet Invasion on Sweden.

The presentation will focus on the development of the international trade of industrial wood pellets globally, which started by the landing of the “Mandarin Moon” in April of 1998 in Helsingborg harbour. This shipment was the first of many to follow, demonstrating that biomass in the correct form and consistency will transport anywhere in the world.

– I will begin with telling the story behind the first shipment from the west coast of Canada to the west coast of Sweden. What was the motive behind this first shipment? Pacific BioEnergy, the seller, desperately needed a customer for their production, and the buyer, Helsingborg Energi, desperately needed a carbon neutral fuel switch to reduce it’s CO2 emissions and avoid a serious carbon tax, explains John Swaan.

Read the new story about the history and future of pellets.


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