Alan Del Paggio, CRI / Shell Global Solutions: "IH2 technology, biomass direct to transportation fuels"

Join us at the Advanced Biofuels Conference, 18-20 September in Gothenburg, and listen to Alan Del Paggio, CRI / Shell Global Solutions, The Netherlands, and a number of leading biofuel experts and industry leaders.

Why listen to Alan Del Paggio:

  • To know the status of development of the technology to product ‘drop-in’ cellulosic hydrocarbon fuels
  • To witness the materiality of biofuels production from available wastes
  • To discuss the currently projected economics of a near-commercial process

A key issue for oil refiners or fuel blenders wanting to use a drop-in cellulosic hydrocarbon fuel is getting the blendstock in a refinery-ready state cost effectively. Invented in the United States by Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and scaled up by CRI Catalyst Company, the IH2 technology is touted as an efficient cost-effective route to convert woody biomass and forest residues feedstock into renewable, low carbon, clean-burning hydrocarbon transportation fuels.

Alan Del Paggio, Vice President, Upstream & Renewables, CRI / Shell Global Solutions, The Netherlands, speaks on Thursday 20 September.

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