Two Swedish pavilions to Bio360 Expo on March 30 & 31 in Nantes!

Bio360 Expo has the pleasure to present ten of these Swedish suppliers with interesting and innovative bioenergy and district heating related solutions.

Bio360 event

Bio360 event

Most of the manufacturers come to Nantes with long experience, but there are also some new innovations present at Bio360 Expo.

On the Swedish Pavilion you will meet representatives who can offer solutions enabling to save and recycle biomass energy, increase the thermal efficiency, effectively produce local electricity among others.
Some of them are also looking for French business partners who can represent these Swedish solutions in France.
You are most welcome to Stand J10 and J11 to find out more about how you can improve your energy transition process.

Don’t miss the Swedish biomass and biogas players who will be present 👇

Againity: Convert low-temperature heat into local electricity generation.
Swedish Exergy AB: Recycling of the energy used from the crushed biomass by a drying process.
▶ BK Tech Group + WTS: Long experience with wood powder and wood pellet burner systems.
Cortus Energy AB (CE): New innovative biomass gasification process allowing an exceptional improvement in thermal efficiency.
PST AB – Plåt & Spiralteknik i Torsås: Screw conveyors with few moving parts, minimizing costs and allowing high energy efficiency.
Radscan AB: Recycling energy for use in the district heating network to increase energy efficiency.
Sweden Energy Technology AB
New low-energy technology for the production of wood powder and modular pellet plants.
SWEP: Heat exchanger solutions and energy transfer stations
Phoenix BioPower: Achieve high efficiency in generating electricity from biomass through the integration of new gasification and gas turbine technologies.
Bioenergy International: Is an English language subscription-based trade publication with allied web platform and is focused on the biomass-to-energy value chains; solid, liquid or gas. Founded in 2001.

In partnership with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Svenska Bioenergiföreningen and Swedish Bioenergy Climate Solutions.

For more information visit  www.svebioclimate.se

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