German and Polish coal exit plans at the Nordic Pellet Conference next week!

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Although the EU-28 produced almost 17 million tonnes of pellets in 2018, it consumed just over 26 million tonnes the same year with the balance covered by imports from outside the Bloc. The lion’s share of these imports – 6.7 million tonnes in 2019 – were industrial grade pellets from the United States (US) predominately to former coal-fired power stations in Benelux, Denmark, and the UK.

German and Polish coal exit plans

Two traditionally coal-fired nations – Germany and Poland – stand on the cusp of change. In January 2019, Germany’s coal exit commission published a detailed report outlining a pathway for the country to phase out coal-fired power generation and transition to clean energy by 2038 at the latest. In September 2020, Poland’s climate ministry said it would speed up a reduction in coal usage and invest billions in nuclear and renewable power capacity though details on biomass have remained sketchy.

Jens Price Wolf

Jens Price Wolf, General Manager Europe and Vice President Commercial, Enviva (photo courtesy Enviva).

Listen to Jens Price Wolf and Adam Sarnaszek

Given the existing fleet of installed coal-fired capacity in both countries, even a small percentage of co-firing and/or conversion to run on pellets would involve significant volumes. Hear from Jens Price Wolf, General Manager Europe and Vice President Commercial, Enviva – the world’s largest pellet producer – what Germany’s coal exit law means for pellets while Adam Sarnaszek, Chairman of the Board, Polish Pellet Council will provide an insight into Poland’s coal reduction plans during the virtual conference.

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