Nordic Pellets Conference: Are pellets set to ride the EU Renovation Wave?

One week to go for Nordic Pellets Conference! Join us online for the Nordic Pellet Conference (NPC-2021) that will take place as next week on the 27th January.


The EU-28 produced almost 18 million tonnes of pellets in 2019, the lion’s share of which was consumed for space heating – residential and commercial using residential boilers and stoves or via district heating from heat and/or combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Indeed, for the first time ever, Germany’s 163 wood pellet producers collectively surpassed 1.5 million tonnes of production in the first half of 2020 with over 96 percent of this production ENplus A1 certified.

Furthermore, according to Deutschen Energieholz- und Pellet-Verbands e.V (DEPV), boiler manufacturers report sales increases for pellet heating systems in Germany of approximately 150 percent in the first half of 2020. In addition to the high subsidies, the carbon dioxide (CO2) price for fossil fuels that start this year along with the fossil heating oil ban coming in to effect 2026 are reasons for the increased demand.

Are pellets set to ride the EU Renovation Wave?

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has an impact on pellet production, demand, and ENplus pricing, the European 2030 climate targets along with the European Green Deal and allied recovery strategies such as the Renovation Wave present an opportunity. Pellets could take a significantly larger share in space heating of European homes and businesses where fossil fuels still dominate.

Hear from Michał Długosz, Policy Officer at Bioenergy Europe what needs to be in place to enable pellets pick up the pace and make real inroads into the European space heating and cooling sectors during the virtual conference.

Welcome to Nordic Pellets Conference 2021!

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