Meet Stockholm Exergi at Svebio Fuel Market Day, 7 September!

Listen to how Stockholm Exergi prepares for the coming season and a high electricity price scenario.

Nadja Paz Shamsher Khan

Nadja Paz, Sustainability specialist, and Shamsher Khan, Vice President, Asset Optimisation and Energy Trading, Stockholm Exergi.

Stockholm Exergi is the largest bioenergy buyer in the Nordics, purchasing wood chips, bio-oils and pellets. Listen to Shamsher Khan, responsible for Asset Optimization and Energy Trading, about how Stockholm district heating system is run in this highly volatile environment and how they are preparing for the coming season for a high electricity price scenario. We also have the opportunity to meet Nadja Paz who is responsible for implementing systems to follow and report sustainability criteria.

Join us at Svebio Fuel Market Day 7 September! 

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