If we just stop flying… – How Swedish aviation industry tackles climate change

Join us at the Advanced Biofuels Conference, 18-20 September in Gothenburg, and listen to Maria Gelin, Environmental Manager, Swedavia Landvetter Airport, Sweden, and a number of leading biofuel experts and industry leaders. The market is ready for takeoff!

Why listen to Maria?

Whenever there is a discussion about climate change, aviation is pointed out as the main actor to blame. As part of the aviation industry the airports and specifically the Swedavia airports have since more than a decade been the most climate friendly airport group in the world, and by 2020 we will have zero CO2 climate emissions. The next step is to create fossil free airports and make the domestic aviation industry fossil free by 2030. It will not be easy, but I would like to share our ambitions and how we are taking on this difficult mission and contributing to a more sustainable future for aviation industry both locally and international.

Maria Gelin is since 7 years Environmental manager at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, developing the environmental and sustainability ambitions at the airport and the Swedavia Group. Maria has been working in the environmental and sustainability area during 20 years, both regulatory at different authorities and in the private sector as a senior environmental consultant and specialist.  Beside the responsibility for the Swedavia airport segment, Maria is also Environmental manager for the business unit Real estate of the Swedavia Group, and the onging development of sustainable airport cities at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Maria Gelin speaks in the session ”Biofuels in aviation and maritime transport” on Thursday 20 September.

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