Come and listen to Tommy Mattila Vice President, Industry and Traffic at Gasum

The Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio) is organizing the 9th Advanced Biofuels Conference (ABC 2023) which provides you with the latest on renewable transportation fuels, novel technologies and policy developments. Meet the leading players and experts from around the world, on-site or online.

Without negating the advances in alternative powertrains such as hybrid electric for aviation, energy dense liquid fuels will remain as the dominant alternative, and perhaps the only option for long-haul flights. At least for the foreseeable future as investments in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by commercial airlines would suggest.
For shipping and road transportation, the palate of powertrain options and hybrid combinations is significantly enlarged. Biomethane (aka renewable natural gas – RNG) is one such option. Available in compressed- and liquefied forms – bioCNG and bioLNG respectively, it is entirely compatible with its fossil counterpart making it a true drop-in fuel as Tommy Mattila, VP Transport & Industry, Gasum will discuss in the International Industrial Biofuels Development session on September 20.
In the Nordics, Finland-headed energy company Gasum Oy has emerged as a major producer of RNG and distributor of fossil gas and RNG, not least for the marine- and road transportation sectors. Over the last few years, the company has building out RNG production capacity as well as gas refuelling stations across FinlandNorway, and Sweden.
Currently numbering over 50, the latter are strategically located at main logistical hubs enabling RNG powered heavy-duty vehicle transportation across the width and breadth of the Nordics. For shipping, Gasum has completed a number of bunkering firsts including bioLNG truck-to-ship in Norway, and bioLNG/LNG ship-to-ship in Sweden.

Programme and Registration

This is what you can expect at ABC 2023

  • Two conference days, four sessions and a seminar with some 24 plus high-level speakers covering all modes of transport for drop-in and high-concentrated biofuels.
  • IEA Bioenergy Seminar: Successes and Lessons Learned for Biofuels Deployment with international experts presenting five new reports on September 21 included in the conference.
  • Optional study tour on September 20 with two visits to choose from:
    1. The Volvo Group blue train tour of the plant assembly for heavy-duty engines and trucks; or 2. The Preemraff Gothenburg HVO oil refinery with one million tonne expansion. Register now as space is strictly limited.
  • Delegates includes policymakers, politicians, business executives, developers, researchers & engineers and stakeholders. Excellent business opportunities making contacts for Nordic countries!
  • Roll-up table top mini-expo with biofuel distributors, technology providers and developers for business networking rounded off by an exclusive conference dinner evening.
For more information, please contact the Conference Director,
Mr Tomas Ekbom,
 +46-8-441 70 83, abc@svebio.se

P.S Records of previous Advanced Biofuels Conferences.

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