Bioenergy Europe PR - Research shows sustainable bioenergy production in Europe could triplicate by 2050

Ahead of COP24, review of current data on biomass potential confirms bioenergy is a key solution for climate change mitigation.

Brussels, 03/12/2018 – The amount of domestically available biomass used for bioenergy in Europe can triplicate within sustainable and environmental limits and at a reasonable cost, according to recently published research.

As attention focuses on the urgency of fighting climate change at the COP24 meeting beginning this week, the research confirms what has just been highlighted in the EU’s new long-term strategy for decarbonization: biomass has a prominent role to play in a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy.

Bioenergy represents one of the most important solutions to achieve a balance between emissions and removals by 2050. Versatile and flexible, bioenergy can help drastically cut carbon emissions throughout different sectors: transport, heating and electricity production.

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