World Bioenergy Association partners with Bioenergy International

The leading global bioenergy industry association has joined forces with a leading international bioenergy trade publication to strengthen the position of bioenergy on the global level. 

WBA BioInt Agreement

On 1st March 2021, World Bioenergy Association (WBA), and Bioenergy International (BioInt), signed a Cooperation Agreement whereby Bioenergy International becomes the official magazine of World Bioenergy Association (photo Anders Haaker).

On 1st March, 2021, representatives of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA), a global industry organization dedicated to supporting and representing the wide range of actors in the bioenergy sector, and Bioenergy International (BioInt), a leading international English language subscription-based trade publication focusing on biomass to energy value chains, signed a Cooperation Agreement whereby Bioenergy International becomes the official magazine of World Bioenergy Association.

As part of the agreement, both WBA and BioInt agree to promote individual publications, organize joint activities and strengthen the network of bioenergy stakeholders around the world.

Bioenergy International Editor in Chief Alan Sherrard says:

We are truly delighted over this agreement with the WBA. As a renewable, sustainable biomass and bioenergy play a pivotal yet often under-appreciated role in replacing fossil carbon in fuels and products. This agreement comes at a time when bioenergy and biomass value chains are under mounting pressure from those that seek to sway public and political perception with a barrage of anti-biomass half-truths, hearsay, and myths. With its global remit and status, its international network and membership base, cooperation with the WBA is a great start in mobilizing and coordinating efforts to setting the record straight.

SVEBIO Managing Director Gustav Melin says:

SVEBIO funded the formation of the World Bioenergy Association in 2008, and acquired Bioenergy International in 2011. I am convinced that this co-operation will strengthen both organizations, as well as contribute to the development of the whole bioenergy sector. Bioenergy is the largest renewable energy source and has the potential to remain dominant. Both the WBA and Bioenergy International share this mission and have the ability to explain how with excellent examples of best policy and industry applications, it is a perfect match!

The cooperation greatly benefits WBA members as they can now avail (apart from the current membership benefits) of access to a personal print and/or digital copy of the magazine, weekly newsletters and free/discounted rates to attend any joint WBA – BioInt activities.

World Bioenergy Association President Dr Christian Rakos says:

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), bioenergy is set to become the largest source of energy in the non electricity sectors by 2050*. International cooperation will be critical to achieve this goal and ensure bioenergy is used in a sustainable and efficient way around the globe. Communication is a key factor supporting international cooperation and learning processes across the diverse and complex bioenergy value chains. That is why we are very happy to engage in this new partnership with Bioenergy International – a publication that is widely respected for its professional fact-based communication around bioenergy.

* IRENA report “Global Renewables Outlook 2020”

Download the press release here: Link

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