Nordic Baltic Bioenergy, Helsinki, Finland

Nordic Baltic Bioenergy, Helsinki, Finland

– Replacing fossil fuels in a sustainable way!


Finland is hosting this year’s Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference. The present government has a strong intention to develop the country towards a low-carbon bioeconomy. Bioenergy is already the largest energy source, but investments and plans in particular in the industrial and transport sectors are significant. Several biorefineries are under development.

Market Development

Electricity prices have been at a very low level for a long period, but the price has been rising in the autumn. Are low electricity prices here to stay? How do the other renewables, wind and solar, that are increasingly entering the market affect the bioenergy sector? Where are we going with the investments in the bioenergy sector?

Policy and incentives

2016 is becoming a super-year regarding EU-policy making on bioenergy. First, the Commission proposed a LULUCF legislation in July. In November, the Commission will introduce its Winter package that contains the new RES Directive, the new electricity market Directive and the sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass. In the first half of 2017, the Commission will propose legislation on low-emission mobility.

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