European Biomass to Power

European Biomass to Power


Welcome to the European Biomass to Power 2024, a pivotal gathering set against the picturesque backdrop of Helsinki, Finland, on September 11th and 12th. This dynamic event is the nexus for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, converging for a vibrant exploration of the ever-evolving realm of the biomass to power industry.

In the heart of the Nordic region, Helsinki provides an ideal canvas for our two-day event. Finland’s steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship and renewable energy aligns seamlessly with the summit’s mission to spearhead discussions on critical aspects such as biomass feedstock availability, competition, and the environmental impact of biomass power projects.

The agenda will consist of insightful presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive Q&A sessions, featuring distinguished experts from leading companies and organisations. As we delve into topics such as sustainable biomass sourcing, regulatory frameworks, and strategies for minimising ecological footprints, attendees will gain profound insights into the challenges and opportunities that define the dynamic biomass to power landscape.

The European Biomass to Power Summit 2024 is more than a conference; it’s a collective journey toward a cleaner, more sustainable world powered by the latest advancements in biomass technology. Join us for two days of collaboration, networking, and discovery in Helsinki. Experience first hand the vibrant atmosphere and unwavering commitment to sustainability that make Helsinki an integral part of the summit experience. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this transformative event, save the dates: September 11th and 12th, for a future-focused exploration in Helsinki, at the European Biomass to Power 2024.

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