World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED)

World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED)



  • European Pellet Conference
  • Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Young Energy Researchers
  • Energy Efficiency Policy
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Smart E-Mobility

Europe has the ambitious goal of becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050. The Green Deal and the EU Climate Law are first concrete steps. The current economic challenges are also an opportunity to accelerate decarbonisation and to create a fairer society and a more competitive economy.

In 2021, the conference – which attracts over 600 participants from over 60 countries each year – shows how we can make a green recovery happen in practice and how the energy transition can contribute as an investment engine to this deep transformation.

What do we offer?

In just 3 days, you can profit from a comprehensive package:

  • 6 dedicated conferences, including the European Energy Efficiency Policy Conference, European Pellet Conference, Industrial Energy Efficiency Conference and the Smart E-Mobility Conference
  • up-to-date information on markets, policies, technologies, financing, business models, research and case studies
  • hands-on experience through technical site visits to innovative energy projects
  • a major tradeshow on building efficiency and renewable energy with 1,600 exhibiting companies
  • new business opportunities and valuable networking possibilities
  • Austrian hospitality!

When does it take place?

21 – 25 June 2021

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