Bioenergy Heating, International Training Seminar

Bioenergy Heating, International Training Seminar

The seminar

The price crisis, multiplying signs of climate change, and threats to energy security urge us to act like never before. As a CO2-neutral fuel, sustainable bioenergy is a key component in decarbonising and securing our energy supply. Market transformation towards modern, efficient and low-emission bioheat systems offers significant opportunities for affordable and local energy supply as well as climate and environment protection.

The International Training Seminar focuses on small- to mid-scale projects fuelled by wood pellets and wood chips. It covers solutions for homes, smaller commercial/ public buildings and district heating grids (up to a few MW).

The seminar offers interactive learning in an international group, educational site visits and presentations by experts in bioenergy technologies, market development and the sustainability of bioenergy.

Seminar topics

Success factors for developing a sustainable regional/local bioheat market Technology overview (combustion, emissions), system designs
Fuel standards, logistics and sustainability issues (wood pellets, wood chips) Business and financing models, marketing

As an international training seminar, the programme does not cover country specific information, such as specific legal aspects or funding programmes.

Target groups

Representatives of businesses, public bodies, institutions, NGOs etc. interested in developing bioheat markets. It is especially targeted to persons from countries where the market for automatic bioenergy heating is in an early phase.

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