Bio-CO2 Use and Removal 2024

Bio-CO2 Use and Removal 2024

The Bio-CO2 Use and Removal 2024 event promotes the understanding of the different alternatives and conditions for technological carbon removal, as well as the utilisation of biogenic carbon dioxide in different products. Additionally, the event highlights the overall significance of these solutions in climate policy and the specific requirements for the implementation of the concrete projects.

  • What are the next steps in promoting bio-CCU and carbon removals in Europe?
  • What types of carbon capture projects are underway in Finland, and what does the future hold for them?
  • How can large-scale carbon removal projects be financed?
  • What might a potential CO2 logistics and infrastructure system look like within the Finnish context?

This groundbreaking event will address these questions.

Join us in Helsinki in April to explore these themes and much more.

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