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Market, policy and Nordic fuel sourcing at Nordic Pellets 2019 Conference

Svebio's annual conferenceNordic Pellets 2019 in Varberg, Sweden, 6-7 February, is getting closer. The conference will give you insights about the current developments in the pellet market, globally and in the Nordic region. Here are some of the speakers:

Justin Tait, Enviva, Henrik Brodin, Södra, Anders Lönnermark, RISE, and Dr Holger Streetz, Bathan.

Justin Tait, Enviva, Henrik Brodin, Södra, Anders Lönnermark from RISE, and Dr. Holger Streetz from the Swiss company Bathan.

  • Justin Tait from Enviva, the world’s leading pellet producer and our conference partner. He will talk about the current market outlook and pellet supply from the U.S. Enviva sources pellet from the Southeast U.S. “wood basket”. This is a region where consistently more timber grows than is harvested – the stock of wood in the forests has doubled in the last 60 years. What are Enviva’s plans for future production? How will the market develop? How can sustainability be guaranteed?
  • Henrik Brodin from Södra, our conference partner and leading Swedish forestry and biorefinery company. Södra is a pellet producer as well as a supplier of feedstock for biofuels. Henrik will talk about how production of biofuels from forest residues may influence the production of pellets. What is Södra’s long term strategy and how will it affect the pellets market?
    Join our study tour and take the opportunity to visit Södra Wood’s pellet factory and sawmill.
  • Anders Lönnermark from RISE, Sweden’s research institute. He will talk about research on safe storage and handling of pellets, with focus on self-heating, fires and explosions. He will also inform about on-going international standardisation work on safety in ISO.
  • Dr. Holger Streetz from the Swiss company Bathan will talk about how to reduce risks with solid maintenance plans. You will learn more about standardized incident and repair reports that help building a knowledge data base and how a maintenance optimization process can help improving efficiency and safety.

The Nordic Pellets Conference is the meeting point for all actors in the pellets sector in Northern Europe – producers, users, equipment suppliers, consultants and researchers. A place to meet, have discussions with colleagues, and find business partners. The venue Varbergs Kusthotell is located in the city of Varberg south of Gothenburg, right on the seashore.

Once again, welcome to Varberg!

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