About us

Svebio is a commercial environmental organization for companies and individuals. We are strongly rooted in our values. We believe in renewable energy, entrepreneurship and a free market economy.

Our vision and mission statement

  • Our vision is to be the leading representative and an international model for the development of bioenergy in a sustainable society.
  • Svebio should promote and develop the use of bioenergy in an economically and environmentally optimal way, nationally and internationally. Svebio should therefore take advantage of members’ interests, as well as provide necessary service.
  • Svebio should be the meeting place for companies, researchers, opinion- and decision makers.
  • Svebio is a nonprofit organization open to everyone who want to contribute to the association’s objectives.
  • Svebio operates through information, advocacy and economic policy impact. We publish and distribute information through Bioenergi, Bioenergy International, our newsletter (BinBip), websites and social media.
  • We have an important role in forming opinion through articles, press releases, consultations, reports, conferences and personal contacts and meetings with politicians and authorities etc.
  • Svebio also working for increasing the export of Swedish bioenergy technology in various export projects.
  • A central part of Svebio’s activities are the conferences – important meeting places for the industry.

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