Gasification and pyrolysis

Gasification and pyrolysis - potential to more profitable cogeneration in Sweden.

Most heat and cogeneration plants in Sweden only use their full capacity to make electricity and heat with biomass and waste during a small part of the year. Therefore, the capacity of many facilities is being underused. In this project we try to explore the opportunity to make more valuable products in existing heating and cogeneration plants.

Svebio is collaborating with BioShare and Lund University and the project aims to analyse production capacity, efficiency and yield for the total value chain from biomass via intermediates to biofuels. The evaluation is calculated from technical key figures and plant data. The ambition is also to estimate the national production potential of biofuels when utilizing the Swedish CHP sector, as well as the potential and limitations of regional biomass supply for those plants.

Through this project, Svebio is collecting data for BioShare. The company located in Karlstad will use this data to explore the best possibilities of raw material utilization for further refining of the pyrolysis fluids to other products. In other words, Bioshare will try to identify the most efficient ways for biofuel production in the Swedish CHP sector.

Contact: Cecilia Higa, Project manager, Svebio

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