Bioenergy exchange market

Svebio has made an agreement with Baltpool to introduce and promote the bioenergy exchange market Baltpool in Sweden and other countries. Baltpool is a digital trading platform for pellets and wood chips which facilitate meetings between sellers and buyers and create opportunities to trade at standardized conditions. This means that the energy markets in the Baltic region can develop and that pricing will be more transparent.

Webinar: Heating season summary on biomass exchange

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Welcome to the digital trading market for pellets and wood chips, Baltpool!


Wood chips are one of the solid biofuels that are traded at Baltpool’s bioenergy exchange market. Photo: Sofie Samuelsson

Baltpool, was established in Lithuania in 2013, and has since then expanded its trading platform to Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and Polen. During 2019 the turnover was 62 million euro, and since the start 2013 fuels for 320 million euros (3,5 Mdr SEK) has been traded at the exchange. In energy terms more than 5 TWh solid biofuels was sold through Baltpool 2019. It is our hope that Baltpool in some extent can become for the bioenergy market what Nordpool has become for the power market.

The Baltpool exchange is open for serious buyers and sellers of pellets and wood chips and the trade is taking place Tuesdays every week. It is our expectation that the cooperation with Baltpool will give the Swedish buyers and sellers better information about actual prices andnew development. Increased use of biofuels is an important part of the climate change and increased trading is a presumption for efficient fuel supply.

On Baltpool Swedish and international buyers and sellers can place their orders and get rather immediate confirmation on the current price levels. The trading place is international which means that there can be buyers and sellers från all countries in the region to trade with.

Why a bioenergy exchange market?

All commodities and energy sources of any significant volume is traded on exchange markets. It’s time for solid biofuels as pellets and wood chips to also take that step. The main reason is that if conversions of coal fired power stations, district heating plants and biorefineries are going to happen they need understanding also in board rooms and on banks. The exchange market can show that there are vast volumes of sustainable bioenergy that can be bought on a fixed price for several years. Bankers and investors feel trust in exchange markets and futures to secure prices for the future.

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