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Welcome to Svebio Fuel Market Day, September 12 in Stockholm – Bioenergy market trends in Sweden and the Baltic Sea region!

We are following up last year’s Fuel Market Day with a new current overview on September 12. Last year, 85 participants networked and discussed the bioenergy market development and trends. As the market is international, this year’s conference will be in English.

  • The Swedish weather conditions this year have been more normal than 2018. However, from this year onward, new grading rules are applied on small dimension round wood which may reduce volumes that previously were used for energy. What does this mean for the fuel market?
  • In Denmark, new cogeneration capacity will be added, causing consumption of wood chips to increase in the Baltic Sea region. Will Swedish forest companies respond with increased wood chip production, or will the increased wood chips volumes come from other countries?
  • Infestation by bark beetles is now a major concern all over northern and central Europe. How does this affect the availability of raw material?
  • Where does waste wood from the UK and Germany end up?

During the Svebio Fuel Market Day, we try to answer these and many questions. It is always difficult to evaluate an up-coming fuel season. However, during the day you can listen to many different perspectives and better understand how to act to best succeed during the coming combustion season.

On September 12, you will meet many traders and buyers. Join our Fuel Market Day!



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