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Sandeep Poundrik: "Indian Biofuel Programme – Policy initiatives and challenges"

Join us at the Advanced Biofuels Conference, 18-20 September in Gothenburg, and listen to Sandeep Poundrik, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India, and a number of leading biofuel experts and industry leaders.

Why listen to Sandeep Poundrik?

The second most populous country in the world, India has recently updated its National Biofuels Policy that envisages a target of 20 percent blending of ethanol in petrol by 2030. The policy has also widened the scope of feedstock for ethanol production and has provided for incentives for the production of advanced biofuels with 12 biorefineries planned by oil marketing companies (OMCs). This is seen as breakthrough for technology suppliers. Listen to why and how India will become one of the largest biofuel markets in the world and how the nation will transform its energy system.

Sandeep Poundrik, Joint Secretary – Refineries, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India, speaks on Wednesday 19 September.

At Advanced Biofuels Conference you meet the pioneers and the industry that is spearheading this very exciting development! 

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