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Pellets 2018: Sustainable wood pellets – The backbone of Denmark's green transition

More than 25 percent of the Danish CO2 reduction comes from sustainable biomass. Danish energy companies have in, good faith, invested DKK 10 billion in bioconversions in support of the green transition. Therefore the regulatory framework concerning the use of solid biomass is of vast importance. 

Join us at Nordic Pellets 2018 Conference, 30-31 January in Helsingborg, Sweden, where Kristine van het Erve Grunnet, Senior Advisor at  Danish Energy, will seek to give the audience an understanding of the important role of biomass in Denmark along with the challenges, especially concerning the issue of sustainability.

In Denmark, the use of all types of biomass will increase from 37 TWh in 2012 to 46 TWh in 2020. Four large CHP-plants use almost 2 million tonnes of pellets per year.

We recommend that you to take part in Pellets 2018 to meet and network with the Scandinavian pellets industry!

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