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Welcome to Svebio’s day dedicated to carbon sinks – How to capture CO2 and store in the ground!

To achieve a maximum temperature increase of 1.5 ° C, we must use BECCS, capture and storage of carbon dioxide from bioenergy. In short, this was the message from the international climate panel IPCC last fall.

  • But how does BECCS work, and what will it cost?
  • What conditions do we have in Sweden to be the forerunner?
  • What role can Swedish energy companies and forest industries play?

We discuss this at a seminar on 16 May in Stockholm. All presentations will be in English after lunch.

We also highlight other ways of storing carbon dioxide, in growing forests and as biocoal and biochar.  At the seminar, some of Sweden’s leading experts take part, and we also get a global perspective.

Welcome to an interesting day 16 May!

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