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Gustav Melin resigns as CEO of Svebio

In the summer of 2023, Gustav Melin will leave his position as CEO of Svebios after 15 years.

Gustav Melin

Gustav Melin. Foto: Erik Cronberg

– It is both sad and exciting to leave Svebio. I have had many fantastic years when bioenergy has continuously grown and reached almost 40 percent of the total energy use and has become Sweden’s largest energy source. I am proud to have represented the Swedish bioenergy industry in Sweden and on the international arena. I am sure that the Swedish bioenergy industry and Svebio will continue to develop well in the coming years, says Gustav Melin.

– It is sad that Gustav is leaving his position as CEO of Svebio, says Chairman Alarik Sandrup. At the same time, I fully understand that Gustav wants to use his experience and skills for new and exciting assignments. Gustav has for a long time been a very good representative of the entire bioenergy industry and I would like to personally and on behalf of the board and the members express our gratitude for his valuable efforts.

Recruiting a new CEO

A process is now being initiated where the Board intends to recruit a new CEO who can develop and lead Svebio, so that the organization can continue to be a powerful voice for the important Swedish bioenergy industry.

Svebio works to increase the use of bioenergy in a sustainable and economically wise way. We are a united force for companies and individuals who believe in renewable energy, business and a free market economy. As a member of Svebio, you become part of a national and international network of people working to develop bioenergy.

For more information, contact Gustav Melin, tel +46 70-5244400

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