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All biofuels with high GHG emissions reduction are advanced

This week Svebio is hosting International Advanced Biofuels Conference in Gothenburg (18 - 19 May, study tours on 17 May). Advanced biofuels are all biofuels which reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than 70 per cent compared to fossil fuels. At the conference leading international experts will will present research and experience from advanced biofuels projects around the world.

– If a biofuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions with more than 70 per cent compared to fossil fuels it deserves to be called advanced, regardless of feedstock or production technology, says Gustav Melin, CEO of Svebio, the Swedish Bioenergy Association, as his organisation prepares for the International Advanced Biofuels Conference (ABC) in Gothenburg later this week.

The most important issue is to reduce the climate impact of the transport sector, and to do it at lowest possible cost. Biomass is available in large quantities both from agriculture, forestry, and from different wastes and residues. With the right incentives all these sources can be mobilised to solve the climate challenge. To convert the transport sector from fossil fuels to renewable fuels is a major challenge, but necessary to reach the targets agreed upon in Paris 2015, says Gustav Melin.

A number of technologies are being developed by companies and researchers around the world. Many of these projects will be presented in Gothenburg this week at the ABC conference. The Gothenburg conference is about solutions both for road transport, aviation and marine.

A number of study tours will take place, in and around Gothenburg. One example is Preem refinery, where biodiesel based on tall oil from the forest industry is processed. Another is St1, producing ethanol from starch-rich food waste e.g. from bakeries. A visit will also take place at GoBiGas, the world’s largest unit for gasification of biomass to bio-methane.

Sweden is already well ahead on the road to a renewable transportation sector. In 2016 almost 19 percent of all road transportation fuels were biofuels.

– We are convinced Sweden can produce biomass enough for all sectors. Food, materials and smart biofuels to cover all needs in an efficient transportation sector.

For more information about the conference, contact Tomas Ekbom, tel + 46 70-2761578 or Gustav Melin, tel + 46 70-5244400

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