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​Svebio becomes partner of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

Svebio has joined the international initiative Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition as a strategic partner. CPLC promotes the pricing of carbon dioxide emissions in countries, regions and companies internationally. Svebio encourages other Swedish actors to participate in the global work to put a price on climate-harmful emissions by introducting carbon taxes or emission trading.

– Carbon dioxide tax is the most effective way to reduce the combustion of fossil fuels and climate-related carbon dioxide emissions. The tax creates investor confidence and results in the cheapest and best solutions for mitigation. This could be energy efficiency measures or switching to renewable energy sources. All countries should introduce carbon dioxide tax, says Gustav Melin, CEO of Svebio.

– More Swedish actors should be involved in the process of introducing and raising carbon taxes. Sweden has many global companies operating in markets worldwide. These companies can act through their subsidiaries in other countries and by introducing internal carbon pricing to reduce their own emissions and promote investments for lower climate impact.

Only a few Swedish and Nordic companies today are partners to CPLC. Svebio encourages Swedish companies and organizations to join as partners and commit to work for carbon pricing.

– Global companies sometimes have an economic strength comparable to whole countries and can therefore have a big impact if they decide to act. A decision in a boardroom can be of great importance to the climate, but also to the customers’ image of the company. With the right tools, profitability is created for companies that are forerunners in this energy transition. Therefore, it is in many companies’ own interest to work for good climate incentives in all countries, says Gustav Melin.

The CPLC is an initiative of the World Bank, launched in conjunction with the climate summit in Paris 2015, and is supported by a number of countries, including Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Among partners for CPLC, there are Nordic companies such as Vestas, Danfoss, Fortum, Statkraft and Novozymes.

The World Bank annually publishes a report on carbon dioxide taxes and emissions trading schemes globally. The latest is called State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2018.

Good current information on carbon dioxide taxes and emissions trading is also available on Carbon Pulse.

Read more about Svebio’s view on carbon taxes.

For further information, contact Gustav Melin, managing director Svebio, +46-70-5244400 or Kjell Andersson, communications and policy director Svebio, +46-70-4417192.

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