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Trade pellets at Baltpool Exchange - Win tickets to the Nordic Pellets Conference

Now is your chance to win free entry tickets to the Nordic Pellets Conference, 11-12 May in Stockholm.

Nordic Pellets Conference

Svebio and Baltpool are now giving away two free tickets per new country trading on the Baltpool Exchange. Each ticket is worth 880 EUR, and to win you have to make the first concluded pellet trade in one of the seven countries mentioned below. You will have to be either a seller or buyer. Click here to register.

Terms and conditions:

  • The first two players to complete a Baltpool pellet deal on April 19th will each receive a free ticket to the Nordic Pellets Conference 2022.
  • The trade must apply to at least one truck of 40 tonnes of pellets calculated with a heating value of 4.8 MWh per tonne, i.e. 192 MWh pellets. The price is decided at the trading place. 
  • Prizes are awarded for trade in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland. Companies from Lithuania can win by selling pellets to a buyer in one of the other countries
  • A new opportunity for countries where no deal is made will be given on April 26th.
  • Once the deal is settled, the parties will communicate and agree on the time of delivery, etc.
  • Then contact Gustav Melin, President of Svebio and inform him that a deal has been made.                                    Contact: gustav.melin@svebio.se, +46705244400

Read more about the Nordic Pellets Conference here.

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