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Welcome to Svebio's Fuel Market Day

A good supply of biomass fuel? Meet Baltpool and discuss the purchase and sale of fuel on September 8 or 9.

Andrius Smaliukas, a speaker from Baltpool will discuss statistics and traded volumes at Baltpool Exchange and Baltic bioenergy development.

In today’s biomass fuel market, Svebio is getting a varied view of the situation when talking to different companies. In some regions, woodchip prices have hardly moved, while in others heating plants cannot get a hold of fuel. That different companies face completely different realities is negative for all parties – biomass suppliers and utilities – because some do not get fuel while potential producers in some areas are not even aware that there is an increased demand.

The consequence is that not everyone gets fuel while the market supply chain suffers from too little investment. The biomass fuel market would work better if prices were more transparent so that companies can act in time on a price change.

At the Svebio Fuel Market Day on September 8, we will meet Baltpool and discuss the possibility of buying and selling woodchips on the trading platform, the International Biomass Exchange.

On the morning of September 9, you can also meet Baltpool’s staff at Svebio’s office at Kammakargatan 22. There you can get practical help with getting started with trading and placing your own fuel orders.

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