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Welcome to Svebios Fuel Market Day

Where are the solid biomass and bio-oil markets headed - what do the buyers and sellers believe? Find out by joining the annual Svebio Fuel Market day on September 8, 2022, in Stockholm.

Mattias Bisaillon, Profu.

For example, hear from Mattias Bisaillon, Consultant Researcher at Profu, who will discuss Swedish and international bio-oil and woodchip markets. Mattias will share the latest insights and analysis from surveys and interviews on market development and prices of woodchips and bio-oils.

How does a Swedish forest company act to meet increasing fuel demand? Will it sell larger quantities to Europe instead where prices have doubled?

Fredrik Munter, CEO, Mellanskog.

However, it is not that simple. Sourcing new sustainable biomass volumes come with a variety of other market constraints and considerations as Fredrik Munter, CEO of Mellanskog will provide nuanced perspectives into the equation. For instance, the forest industry recently adopted to accept smaller sawlog and pulpwood dimensions at the expense of fuelwood. Now sawmill production volumes are showing signs of decline ahead, and available by-product volumes will automatically follow suit. Yet there are still large volumes of spruce bark beetle-damaged wood to be dealt with.

Conference: 8 September, 2022
Conference dinner: 8 September, 2022
Venue: IVA Konferenscenter 
Online and On-site participation in Stockholm, Sweden
Please contact us for any questions: gustav.melin@svebio.se

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