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Thank you for your participation in Advanced Biofuels Conference!

This year’s conference in Advanced Biofuels gathered more than 160 delegates from 20 countries with 30 speakers and two study visits. We thank you all for creating this successful event and contributing to interesting discussions, positive attitude in bringing a change in the transition to an energy system with less fossil carbon emissions.

Each year, Svebio organises this international conference on advanced biofuels with high sustainability. The market is ready for taking the next big steps, biofuels are ready for takeoff! The road set out to 2030 includes also the skies and the seas for biofuels. We are sure that the great plans for the future will include a very exciting step in more and more technologies becoming commercial.

It is time to check-in and go to gate with less of fossil carbon fuels. Let us all join the trip to the destination with biofuels fueled by sun energy!

Thanks again to all the speakers who made such great presentations and slides, as well as the sponsors for their contribution and all delegates which also contributed. Great job to all for the good days in Gothenburg!

We all look forward to meeting you again in September 2019 in Stockholm for the ABC 2019!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, Svebio, +46-8-441 70 80.

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