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Scania Euro 6 ethanol truck joins the exhibition next week!

We’re pleased to inform that the Scania Euro 6 ethanol truck joins the vehicle exhibition at Advanced Biofuels Conference next week.

Time to change the game

Globally, transport is a major source of fossil CO2 emissions. On the bright side, this means that the transport sector also can be a major contributor when it comes to reducing these emissions. To help you reach your sustainability goals in the most cost-efficient way, Scania’s ethanol engine shares most parts and all interfaces with our diesel engine – boosting uptime. The adaptations make sure you can run on ethanol in all conditions – from the coldest to the hottest day of the year. In a modified diesel (compression-ignition) engine, ethanol can be utilised. That makes the energy output efficiency of our ethanol engines as high as conventional diesel-powered engines – so you get the power you expect from a Scania truck.

The ethanol fuel ED95

Ethanol is the world’s largest biofuel. It’s a powerful fuel with low emissions that can be made from local forestry, agricultural and household waste.

The CO2 reduction varies by raw material and production process, but with up to a 90% CO2 reduction, ethanol biofuel formulated for use in modified diesel engines is widely available and making a cleaner difference right now.

ED95 fuel consists of 95% hydrous ethanol and 5% performance additives specifically formulated for optimal ethanol combustion in compression ignited engines. Local production possible. Liquid fuel, easy to handle. Up to 90% CO2 reduction.

Take a chance to see for yourself the latest technology, gadgets and future trends from the developers!

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