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Get ready to connect at Nordic Pellets Conference 2022!

The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO), the Swedish Pellets Association (PelletsFörbundet) and Bioenergy International welcomes participants, online and on-site, to Nordic Pellets Conference 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Chris Fodor, Founder and CEO of Congo Basin Pellets.

To be held on 11-12 May as a hybrid event with both online and on-site participation options, there are special rates for members of Svebio, PelletsFörbundet, and/or members of Bioenergy Europe and/or World Bioenergy Association (WBA).

Presenting one of our speakers:
Trundling down the learning curve – Investing in biomass pellet production in countries with mature economies is comparatively straightforward – the fundamentals of a functioning society such as infrastructure, technology, skilled labour, political and financial stability are all in place. Yet, it is in the emerging economies with readily available unused biomass sources that tremendous potential and opportunities lie.

Congo Basin Pellets GmbH has a bold ambition to develop pellet production in the Congo Basin region in Africa. The first project, Gabon Pellets SARL, which commissioned during 2021 is step by step ramping up production. Initially vying export to Europe, however, the company has an eye too on domestic markets.

Hear Chris Fodor, Founder and CEO of Congo Basin Pellets provide candid insights into what prompted him to go to Gabon and invest in pellet production. What are the key challenges, and how to overcome them? What are the next steps? Are there domestic or regional pellet markets in the making, and how do they differ from other conventional pellet markets? Note that Chris will be speaking online.
You can read more about Chris Fodor and Congo Basin Pellets here.

Last call for joining the study tour on 11 May to Alverbäck’s Blommor, a horticultural business just outside Stockholm that heats 30 000 sq.m of greenhouse space with a 2.3 MW pellet-fired boiler. First come first served on the final spaces.

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