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Gasoline-Ethanol-Methanol (GEM) Fuel as an Alternative Passenger Car Fuel in Sweden

Our Master’s Thesis Intern Sebastiaan Tsirakos, recently finalized his thesis report on the potential of gasoline-ethanol-methanol (GEM) fuel as an alternative passenger car fuel in Sweden.

The thesis report provides primarily an analysis on the biofuel production potential of ethanol and methanol from Swedish second-generation feedstocks, a selection of the most suitable ethanol and methanol production pathway (i.e. feedstock and conversion technology), an assessment on a Swedish GEM fuel distribution network, a economic competitiveness analysis on GEM fuel blends in comparison to gasoline and E85, and an analysis on the environmental impact of a shift from cars running on neat gasoline to GEM fuel blends.

In order to perform the analysis and to investigate GEM fuel’s potential, two scenarios are developed for projecting the share of the GEM cars in the Swedish passenger car fleet, in the time span from 2017 to 2030. In both scenarios, the passenger cars running on GEM fuel blends take over the share of cars running on gasoline. The scenarios serve to project the energy demand for GEM fuels, when passenger cars running on GEM fuel obtain different shares in the Swedish passenger car fleet. 

Download the full report (pdf)Contact Sebastiaan if you would like to know more

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