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The Eickhout paradox: How to reach 45% renewables by 2030 while jeopardising the EU’s main source of renewable energy?

EU inter-institutional discussions on solid bioenergy sustainability have started today with the publication of the European Parliament’s first draft report. The ENVI committee is leading the discussions on the harmonised, binding criteria proposed in November by the Commission, with Mr. Eickhout (Greens/EFA, NL) as rapporteur.

Following the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, it is crucial for the European Union’s credibility that words and actions go hand in hand. However, Mr. Eickhout’s report is a first vibrant counterexample, according to AEBIOM Secretary-General Jean-Marc Jossart “How can the EU reach a (welcomed) 45% RES target while at the same time jeopardising its main source of renewable energy? “

Following Mr. Eickhout’s recommendations would simply result in the decrease of bioenergy’s contribution to the EU energy mix. Bioenergy currently represents 60% of all renewable energy consumption in Europe, 95% of which is produced within the EU!

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