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What about bioenergy in Brussels this autumn?

Which are the major questions up for decision in the EU? At Svebio Fuel Market Day, 10 September, you have the opportunity to listen to Giulia Cancian from Bioenergy Europe presenting: “Race for Carbon Neutrality – a challenging EU policy landscape”. 

Giulia Cancian, Bioenergy Europe

Giulia Cancian, Bioenergy Europe.

The EU is aiming at becoming “the first climate-neutral continent”  and the energy and climate targets will soon be revised. But even though the Commission has acknowledged that bioenergy is a win-win solution for energy generation, will a promoting policy finally be decided?

Current EU policy developments present both opportunities of growth for the sector and challenges of an ever evolving sustainability framework.

Join our Fuel Market Day 10 September 2020 and get updated!

This is a great opportunity to better understand the current movements on the renewable fuels market.

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