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Anna Törner, new CEO of Svebio

Anna Törner appointed new CEO of the Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio. She succeeds Gustav Melin.

Anna Törner

Anna Törner

Anna Törner will take over as CEO of the Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio, on September 1st. She succeeds Gustav Melin, who, after many years as CEO, has decided to take on new challenges.

Anna has worked with energy and research issues for many years, such as a subject matter expert and group manager within the Swedish Government Offices. She has also worked with environmental issues in Brussels for Eurelectric, a trade organization that represents 3,500 European companies involved in electricity production and distribution. Most recently, she held a position as a department head at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, where she was part of the agency’s management team.

Anna Törner holds a master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) and in International Economics from Lund University.

“We are very pleased to recruit Anna Törner as CEO of Svebio. She has extensive expertise and experience from many years of work in the field of energy, both nationally and internationally. We are truly looking forward to working with her to further strengthen bioenergy in Sweden and enhance the opportunities for Svebio’s member companies in an attractive and growing industry,” says Alarik Sandrup, Chairman of Svebio.

Anna Törner will be based at Svebio’s office in central Stockholm, where she will lead a team of over ten employees.

“I am looking forward to an exciting and honorable assignment of developing bioenergy in a sustainable society, together with the staff and Svebio’s members,” says Anna Törner.

For more information, please contact:
Alarik Sandrup, Chairman of Svebio
+46 70-602 87 80

About the Swedish Bioenergy Association:
The Swedish Bioenergy Association, Svebio, is a trade organization that works for increased use of bioenergy in a sustainable and economically optimal way. With nearly 300 member companies active in various parts of the bioenergy industry, Svebio has great confidence in the effectiveness of general policy instruments, renewable energy, and a free market economy. Svebio serves as a meeting place for companies, researchers, decision-makers, and opinion leaders. Svebio publishes the magazines Bioenergi and Bioenergy International and organizes several conferences each year.

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