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Ahead of ENVI Committee’s vote on bioenergy sustainability, new insights revealed by AEBIOM’s latest Statistical Report

Brussels, 17.10.17 – Bioenergy is Europe´s most significant source of renewable energy — both in terms of energy production and job creation. Findings from AEBIOM’s 2017 Statistical Report, released on October 17th, confirm that bioenergy is among the most e ffective options to achieve Europe’s energy transition.

The publication’s release, occurring a few days before a key vote by the Parliament’s ENVI Committee on sustainability criteria for bioenergy, brings clarity to a debate that has been highly misrepresented.

With the release of the Clean Energy Package for all Europeans in late 2016, the European Commission proposed a balanced approach considering pragmatic and cost-effective criteria to ensure the sustainability of biomass used in Europe to produce energy. However, recent debates in Parliament (ENVI) have revived misleading arguments and statements which run counter to the evidence. Final decisions on the future criteria will have an important impact on the whole sector and on the European 2030 climate energy targets. On this basis, the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) recently published the 10th Edition of its Statistical Report, highlighting the gap between the ongoing debate in the ENVI Committee and the reality on the ground.

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