IGEM 2017

IGEM 2017

The renewable energy market is booming with ASEAN setting regional fuel-mix target of 23% renewable energy use by 2025. Bioenergy will play a critical role with biogas having already achieving a 12% share of Malaysia’s current renewable energy capacity.

The International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM), ASEAN’s largest green technology business and innovation platform, is the destination for countries, corporations, investors and entrepreneurs to explore the vast potential of this sector.

Since its inception in 2010, IGEM has generated over US$2 billion in business leads, attracted an international crowd of more than 380,000 visitors and featured 2,000 exhibitors.

Themed “Powering Green Cities”, IGEM 2017 will feature innovations in the sectors of energy, building, transport and industry. The event will showcase 320 exhibitors from over 20 countries including international pavilions from China, Japan and Korea, along with regional representation from Taiwan and European Union countries via the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI).

The exhibition will also provide strategic business matching opportunities, in-depth discussions and unique networking sessions for attendees to interact with international industry leaders and gain invaluable insights into some of the world’s most pressing sustainable issues.

Focusing on bioenergy, IGEM 2017 will feature the Palm Oil Sustainability Conference organised by EUMCCI. The Conference will feature an overview of the current global palm oil industry to raise an international dialogue on pressing palm oil sustainability issues related to social, environmental and economic best practice.

Scheduled for 12th October, the conference will feature international experts including representatives from the European Union’s Headquarters, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development Central, the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce, the Malaysia Belgium Luxembourg Business Council and more.

IGEM 2017 will be held from 11th to 13th October 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, IGEM 2017 targets to generate US$375 million in business leads.


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