Forum of Biomass and Waste

Forum of Biomass and Waste

We invite you to participate in the seventh annual international conference concerning the use of biomass and waste for energy purposes – the 7th Forum of Biomass and Waste, which will be held on March 1st, 2018 in Warsaw.

The Forum of Biomass and Waste is a series of debates, meetings and accompanying events that cover the most important issues for the development of the biomass sector and those related to the WTE sector (waste to energy). The main objective of the Forum is to bring together experts from many countries to share experiences on the latest developments in the use of biomass and waste for energy. Today the Forum functions as a platform for the exchange of current knowledge and an important tool for the transfer of know-how, technology and innovation. The annual event brings together a broad spectrum of market participants, including energy and industry experts, biomass suppliers, representatives of the public sector, scientists, engineers and technologists, industry organizations, financial institutions, government and administration representatives.

The forthcoming 7th edition of the Forum in 2018 will focus on the opportunities of biomass and waste markets, particularly in business, legal and technical areas. The experts will assess the potential of biomass and alternative fuels (RDF, SRF) on the market and will discuss development policy in the power market, cooperatives and energy clusters as well as the so called winter package.

Forum’s agenda includes:

  • Formal opening of the Forum by a representative of the Polish Commitee of World Energy Council
  • Inaugural lecture: Current legislative directions for biomass and waste to energy sector – Polish Ministry of Energy
  • Projects of the State Forests aimed at using wood for energy purposes – General Directorate of the State Forests
  • Panel discussion: European alternative and biomass fuel market – pellet, RDF, wood.

Among speakers: Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Gdańsk, Polish Pellet Council, Automotive Industry Institute, Gurupa Ożarów S.A, Polish Chamber of Commerce for Recycling, National Chamber of Biofuels

  • Case Study: Swedish closed-loop waste recycling and energy facility – E.ON Sweden
  • Case Study: Kaunas waste-to-energy power plant – Fortum and Lietuvos Energija
  • Case Study: Modern and environmentally friendly CHP plant powered by wood chips – Eneris Group

We are convinced that during the forthcoming 7th Forum we will create a place for a substantive debate among professionals. At the same time we will present the latest implementations and the most interesting technological solutions. We invite you to cooperate and participate in the event!

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