European Biogas Conference 2020

European Biogas Conference 2020

Every year, this conference provides a platform for discussion on the latest developments on biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe. 

A landmark event for the biogas sector in Europe

The European Green Deal has set a clear ambition towards carbon-neutrality by 2050. Biogas, biomethane and other renewable gases will play a key role in helping Europe’s transition to a clean energy system with a genuinely resource-efficient and circular economy.

In the path towards 2050, open dialogue with policy makers, industry, academia and citizens is essential to make sure all resources to achieve our ambition are used.

As the annual landmark event organised by the EBA, the European Biogas Conference will provide a platform for discussion on how to successfully untap the potential of renewable gases in this new context. It will also showcase the latest updates of the renewable gas industry and provide a space for business exchange and knowledge-sharing.

Join us in Brussels for an inspiring debate on the challenges and opportunities of the renewable gas industry for the years ahead!

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