EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo 2020

EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo 2020

Solid Waste & Resources Management (Agricultural – Municipal – Industrial –  Hazards & Urban Waste) – Energy Efficiency (Green & Renewable Energy – Energy from Waste – Refuse – Derived Fuel (RDF)) – Sustainable Cities

ATF is one of the leading exhibitions and conferences organizers in Egypt and MEA Region since 1998. ATF organizes a variety of professional international exhibitions well known locally, regionally and internationally. Our exhibitions are supported by leading ministries, governmental bodies, and private top ranked companies and organizations. ATF is the only exhibitions and conferences organizer specialized in the environmental field with focus on waste management & recycling in Egypt.


The Egyptian market is characterized by its rich and rapid urban development especially with a population exceeding 90 million which increased the demand for the need of new waste management and recycling technologies. The waste and recycling market is a virgin and promising market lacking the new needed technologies for improvement and sustainability. With this demand on hand along with the current and new mega projects, this drove the government to give great attention to the environmental file with all its challenges and investment opportunities. Since the Egyptian revolution, the Egyptian government declared its vision for the year 2030 of providing a high level of essential services to ensure a good life to the increasing population. This lead to the rising of huge international investment opportunities in the Egyptian market.


Hence, the importance of holding EGY-Waste & Recycling Expo, acting as a networking hub for all investors, manufacturers and service providers in this field. EGY- Waste & Recycling Expo has proven its success in the three past rounds, attracting over than 18000 (Eighteen thousand) visitors and around 300 exhibitors from different sectors & services representing leading manufacturers and distributers from the local, regional and international markets.

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