The great issues of the Green & Circular Economy at the centre of International Events at the 22nd edition of Ecomondo

European Strategy for plastics and its developments; the most advanced experiences of the circular bioeconomy in OECD countries and Industry 4.0 applied to waste management and use; the protection, recovery and reuse of water resources. These are just a few of the issues at the centre of the flagship events of the next edition (the 22nd) of Ecomondo, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, from6thto 9thNovember 2018 at Rimini Expo Centre.

On Wednesday 7thNovember the conference entitled How to Implement the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, will set itself the objective of giving a boost to the European Strategy for Plasticslaunched by the European Commission in February of this year, the first developments of which have been seen recently with the Brussels directive that bans drinking straws, cotton buds and other plastic products.

The conference will address the industry of biobased and biodegradable plastics as well as that of traditional plastic, which must face the market’s new challenges.


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