Central European Biomass Conference – CEBC2020

Central European Biomass Conference – CEBC2020



The 6th Central European Biomass Conference, will allow users, enterprises, researchers, developers, policymakers and distributors to share their knowledge in the field of bioenergy.

The conference is held from the 22-24th of January, 2020 in the Messe Congress Graz, Styria. Connecting more than 1.500 participants from all continents, the CEBC is one of the world’s largest events in the industry. “Greening the Strategies” will act as the central topic of the 6th version of the CEBC and, therefore, examine whether the existing greening strategies are sufficient enough to serve as an realistic exit from fossil fuels.

In the wake of current debates concerning the topic of sustainable energy policy, future markets and the closing of circuits will play a major role at the conference. Furthermore, visitors can look forward to interesting contributions and workshops on the topics of bioeconomy, decarbonization, biomass and residue potentials, pyrolysis and many more.

The program will be accompanied by various excursions and a conference dinner.

Visitors of the CEBC also have the opportunity to visit the simultaneously held “Häuslbauer-trade fair”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 6th Central European Biomass Conference in Graz!

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