Progress in Biomethane Mobility

Progress in Biomethane Mobility

The conference “Progress in Biomethane Mobility”will bridge the gap between the technology and the end user. We address the international scientific community as well as practitioners to present you the status quo and new and modern technologies.The company exhibition during the 2 days of the conference, taking place inside the same room as the presentations, and the excursion to two selected biogas upgrading projects and biomethane mobility solutions in the region will put you in direct contact with the technology.

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Topics of the conference:

  1. Overview and political framework
  2. Development of new upgrading technologies
  3. Adaptation of the continuous biogas production to the discontinuous fuelling processes of vehicles
  4. Suitable vehicle types and drive technologies
  5. Best-practice examples for decentralized generation and utilization
  6. Decentralized bio-LNG
  7. Practitioner’s forum
  8. Innovation and business forum

Deadline Call for Papers: 01.02.2019


Abstracts, papers, program
Jenny Aragundy-Kaiser

Sponsoring, exhibition, logistic
Tristan Gruszkos

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