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The doubled EU ETS will give a total shift on the European Energy market  – Let's discuss how at Svebio Fuel Market Day! 

Welcome to Svebio Fuel Market Day 7 September 2021. We had a cold spring in most of Europe. After several years of high stock, stored volumes has been reduced to a minimum. Now EU ETS prices is steady over €50/ton. This gives expensive fossil heating and electricity prices opening up for changing markets. What will be the consequences?

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Both France and Germany also have carbon pricing outside the ETS. Higher EU ETS prices has also pushed electricity prices up. If this stays, at least on the Swedish market, companies will switch from electricity to pellets. Is this only a few companies or is it a trend? How will it affect the fuel markets?

Prices on vegetable oils has also increased, the Swedish government introduced a new tax on bio-oils for heating 1 January 2021. Will the tax stay and some bio-oils disappear from the market? What can we use instead?

We will discuss and debate during an interesting day on the 7th of September in Stockholm. Welcome!

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